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Door Supervision in accordance with BS7960:2005. 

Fully licensed staff. Smart attire. Experienced staff work with the venue management to ensure a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all patrons. Our staff can also offer front of house and concierge services. Corporate events can also be catered for.


Services in accordance with BS7499:2007.

Our uniformed static guards are fully trained and vetted to BS 7858 and all hold valid SIA licences for the sector, we can provide 24 hour security on site where our personnel will patrol, monitor and keep the premises secure 365 days a year. All patrols are recorded on our Patrol Management System. Our staff are in constant contact with our 24 hour control room ensuring their safety and instant response to any situation. We recognise that visibility is paramount, so when our mobile security officer arrives on-site each day they will be fully uniformed and in a marked patrol vehicle.

Covering open areas like schools and parks, areas with a restricted line of vision such as warehouses and shipping yards and those too dangerous to monitor on foot, no task is too much for Talon Security. This flexibility and our excellent line of expertise means we can deliver extensively planned services so you can tailor your mobile security package to suit the exact needs of your business.

Talon Security can also offer you internal mobile patrols, where the mobile security supervisor will be permitted to enter your premises with their own set of keys in order to patrol your building as well as its outdoor perimeter. This will ensure all fixtures including windows and doors are locked to deter from crime for complete peace of mind once you have left work for the day.

Services in accordance with BS7984:2016.

  • Our Keyholding and Response is a fully-insured service operating 24 hours per day 365 days per year.
  • Response officers will be fully uniformed and driving one of our liveried vehicles.
  • We provide bespoke Keyholding and Alarm Response Services to clients in both the public and private sectors, offering peace of mind and potential insurance premium reductions.
  • Our Response Officers will liaise with Police and Emergency Services and if necessary we will re-secure your property and provide a detailed report to you within 24 hours.

All keys are securely held in accordance with BS7984:2016.


The most frequently committed crime in the UK is theft. For many businesses, it’s not just the threat of their livelihood that’s at stake, it’s also the threat of lives. While stealing has always been a common offence, since the recession shoplifting has increased dramatically as well as violence against store staff, with at least 22,000 retail workers suffering from attacks. But with Talon Security, the risk of theft is significantly lowered; with our retail security guards making it their business to protect your business.

Our Security officers provide a safe and secure shopping experience through regular store patrols. They are trained to deter shoplifters in line with the SIA regulations. They provide a visible presence on the customers shop floor at all times. Our Security Officers help provide a safe and secure workplace for all store staff.

Services in accordance with BS 8584:2015

Vacant property is an easy target for unauthorised visitors such as vandals and trespassers, often resulting in costly repairs and much frustration. There is also the added risk that vacant property can fall into a state of disrepair, which will in turn encourage increased and unwanted crime. We can offer a range of services to help protect vulnerable sites and safe guarding vacant premises and other buildings at risk from vandalism, arson, squatters and other harmful attacks.

These include static guards, dog patrol, mobile patrols, CCTV and alarm monitoring.

How it works

Some premises don’t need regular Door Supervisors, but on occasion they would like to have the option is necessary. For a small monthly fee, you can now have access to two fully licensed Door Supervisors. They will be mobile in the area on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. If you or your staff feel threatened in any way, then they can contact our mobile vehicle.

They will be equipped with Body Cams which as well as acting as a deterrent, they also gather valuable information which can be used as evidence should the need arrive.

Hours of service

Friday Nights - 2100 to 0200

Saturday Nights - 2200 to 0300

Sunday Nights - 2100 to 0200

Shopwatch is a scheme where retailers unify as an independent group to pre-empt theft in retail premises. Shopwatch works closely with local authorities and intends to reduce retail crime and anti-social behavior and to help make shopping areas safer for customers and staff.

The simplest way to describe Shopwatch is a network of businesses from the town center, and outlying areas, all linked by radio 0 to each other, the police and our control centre.

Shopwatch objectives:

To tackle and prevent retail crime and anti-social behavior through effective communication and the prompt reporting of retail crime, anti-social behavior and criminal activity.

To promote a sense of security for customers and staff

To improve a police/business liaison by providing effective communications through two-way radios

How do we get involved?

Contact us for more information and one of our team will call to your premises to outline how our scheme works. If you are happy to proceed, we can supply you with a state of the art two-way radio.

The radio can be purchased out right or can be included in the competitive monthly fee. The scheme can also be linked to our Mobile Door Supervisor scheme on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. We will supply you with warning signs for your windows.

Once someone has been barred from one premises, they are automatically barred from all premises within the scheme.

  • To tackle and prevent anti-social behaviour through effective communication and the prompt reporting of anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.
  • To promote a sense of security for customers and staff.
  • To improve improved licensee liaison by providing effective communications between members through two-way radios.
  • Once an individual or group have been removed from one establishment, all other members are instantly made aware of the threat using two-way radios.

To improve the ambience of the environment in and around premises in the Pubwatch area and enhance the safety, security, comfort and wellbeing of customers and staff so that their visit is a pleasurable occasion, which they will wish to repeat. If this aim is achieved then an improvement in the safety, security and wellbeing of staff will almost certainly follow.

Contact us for more information and one of our team will call to your premises to outline how our scheme works. If you are happy to proceed, we can supply you with a state of the art two-way radio.

Once someone has been barred from one premises, they are automatically barred from all premises within the scheme.

Services in accordance with BS 8406:2009

Concerts, Country Fairs, Football Matches, Corporate Events, in fact any event where large crowds are expected.  We can offer;

  • Search Teams
  • Dog Units
  • Mobile CCTV Unit
  • First Aid Trained Staff
  • Defibrillator
  • Response Teams
  • Traffic Management
  • Event Signage

We have a very experienced Close Protection team which not only has wealth of knowledge gained from former roles in similar industry but also the required training well above the industry standards.

Our officers can function discreetly when necessary but also carry visibility when required, allowing the client to go about their daily business with peace of mind that their security and safety is in our capable hands.

Using our executive vehicles and professional staff we are able to provide a secure escort service and taxi service for your VIP's, Celebrities and Dignitaries throughout Ireland and the U.K.

GDPR, site policies and secure access.

All visitor’s must sign and agree to your site safety and GDPR policies. Auto-delete data after a specific period of time. Visitor data is only accessible by authorised employees.


Email, SMS and mobile App notifications

Receive both SMS and email notifications when a visitor arrives to see you. Send automatic SMS messages to your visitors when you have invited them.


Produce a visitor pass without ink and re-use the pass again.

ProVisit can print a pass on any form of media, whether you’re looking for an affordable label or an environmentally friendly re-usable pass.


Contractor management made super simple with rules and checks.

Allow contractors to sign in/out for a set period of time. Upload documents and add document check expiry dates so ProVisit can automatically stop your contrac- tors signing in. You can also save all audit checks on each contractor’s profile and record their qualifications.


Scheduled reports, daily alerts and time & attendance.

Produce detailed reports using ProVisit’s simple-to-use report generator and with one click export to Excel. Schedule automated reports which can be received via email.


Mobile access from anywhere in the world.

If you enable ProVisit’s cloud services you’ll get access to our mobile App. ProVisit’s App allows you to see who’s onsite, search vehicle registrations and run a detailed fire report without being onsite.


One click fire reports directly to email, paper or our mobile App.

In the event of an emergency, ProVisit enables you to accurately see who’s on site and who they are visiting. Make use of our mobile App to run a fire report off-site.


Other useful features

  • Quickly find a vehicle registration
  • Use your access control cards to sign in and out
  • Auto-cleanse your database
  • Custom sign in process for different visitors
  • Put visits on hold for any reason
  • Auto-signout visitors at a certain time
  • Questionnaires which allow or deny access
  • Show videos to visitors and contractors on arrival
  • And many more.

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