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Visitor Management System

A professional welcome for your visitors

Visitor Management System

GDPR, site policies and secure access.

All visitor’s must sign and agree to your site safety and GDPR policies. Auto-delete data after a specific period of time. Visitor data is only accessible by authorised employees.

Email, SMS and mobile App notifications

Receive both SMS and email notifications when a visitor arrives to see you. Send automatic SMS messages to your visitors when you have invited them.

Produce a visitor pass without ink and re-use the pass again.

Talon Visitor system can print a pass on any form of media, whether you’re looking for an affordable label or an environmentally friendly re-usable pass.

Contractor management made super simple with rules and checks.

Allow contractors to sign in/out for a set period of time. Upload documents and add document check expiry dates so Talon Visit can automatically stop your contrac- tors signing in. You can also save all audit checks on each contractor’s profile and record their qualifications.

Scheduled reports, daily alerts and time & attendance.

Produce detailed reports using Talon Visit’s simple-to-use report generator and with one click export to Excel. Schedule automated reports which can be received via email.

Mobile access from anywhere in the world.

If you enable Talon Visit’s cloud services you’ll get access to our mobile App. Talon Visit’s App allows you to see who’s onsite, search vehicle registrations and run a detailed fire report without being onsite.

One click fire reports directly to email, paper or our mobile App.

In the event of an emergency, Talon Visit enables you to accurately see who’s on site and who they are visiting. Make use of our mobile App to run a fire report off-site.

Other useful features

  • Quickly find a vehicle registration
  • Use your access control cards to sign in and out
  • Auto-cleanse your database
  • Custom sign in process for different visitors
  • Put visits on hold for any reason
  • Auto-signout visitors at a certain time
  • Questionnaires which allow or deny access
  • Show videos to visitors and contractors on arrival
  • And many more.

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