Radio Hire

Analogue, Digital or IP Radios available. Whether it is a small local or a nation wide event, we have radios to suit.

Operational benefits of IP Radio for events and exceptional services provided by Talon Security Comms technically supported by Airphone communications Ltd.

The system equipment is constructed like modern 2-way radio and operates in the much same way but that is where the similarity ends. The most important exception is that there is virtually unlimited range throughout the UK and Ireland with coverage extending throughout all of Europe.

This performance is achievable because user speech is transmitted over the global data networks using a special SIM card which ensures delivery of crystal-clear voice over any distance without deterioration of signal quality.

This is a simple to operate hosted dispatch method which is designed to complement the system. It provides the user with a desktop or control room facility which will enhance your operation giving you total control of all your staff assets and a tracking system at your

The dispatching system is a Hosted cloud-based facility, set-up for the client’s exclusive use and simply accessed by inputting log-in credentials to our unique server using your own PC’s. linked to the web.

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